Wackest Launch EVER!

Worst Launch Eever...
Worst Launch Eever...

Hey, Hey!!!!!

Yeah so I thought it would be a great idea to Launch my website today, fully knowing I would be in the middle of a Fri-Sun DJ weekend and really not able to get on the internet.  Buuut I figured, “why not just throw it out there and see?” otherwise it will never get done right?  Well, I haven’t done a Codamn thing to the site except post this weak ass excuse for a “Hey thanks for coming to the site, stuff should be up some day…”.  But seriously folks, I apologize for not haveing a robust super sweet site for you to peruse yet, but in the coming weeks it will grow like a rampant fungus I am sure.  Hope all is well on your end and don’t write me off just yet, maybe later, but not yet…

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