Audio snacks for your head piece featuring the resurrection of Subways & Sidewalks and the one lonely episode of a short lived podcast with an ex-gf (Indie Rock Sock-Hop).  Either way this page will have tons of fun stuff for you to rock the heck out to.  Good?  Good.


My old WVOF show Subways & Sidewalks is now a podcast (the name was too good to waste)! Syndicated Monthly via the Rapreviews.com Podcast Network as well as on iTunes.  Click any of the links below to download…Enjoy!!!

Episode #19 HALOween with Marc Stretch



For this special episode I had 1/2 of Foreign Legion and 1/3 of Big Willie Dynamite in studio to talk about the new album ‘Joes Vs. Pros’ and just chop it up…alot.  Clocks almost 90 min so you might want an intermission.

Episode #18 in my Kitchen with E-Lit

S&S 18 Cover


A pretty laid back episode with Amoeba/KLAX fam E-Lit basically just sitting around talking shit about rap music.  If you are a nosey person, this episode feels just like eavesdropping on a neighbor or something…

Episode #17 Heating Up The Summer


This episode is the unveiling of my more radio style format rather than the mixshow style I had been doing, sometimes you just gotta switch it up…

Episode #16 Spooky Sunburn Edition



In preparation for the Spooky Sunburn Tour w/Brzowski I put together songs from all the artists we would be playing with as well as some other dope joints to rock to all mooshed together for one great sound.  It’s sounds much better than it sounds

Episode #15 Grand Re-Opening!!!

S&S Grand ReOpening Cover

After an healthy hiatus from a studio robbery and cross-country move, I was ready to get back to action with new songs and a new show…

Episode #14 Valentine’s Day with HW

HW Podcast Cover

Went up to the bean to kick it with the homie HW and talk about his album ‘Wallpaper Exit Wounds’ , break ups and just be emo rap sissies…grab a kleenex and hit play!

Episode #13 Open Mike Eagle and JnaturaL take over my apt

openmikeeagleNjnat podcast cover

While they were passing through and did a few shows in CT with me Open Mike Eagle, JnaturaL and DJ Tramlife sort of took over my apt for about 3 days.  Here is the account of one of those days…

Episode #12 In Brzowski’s Kitchen


Went all the way up to the frosty north of Portland, ME to catch up with long time homie and tour compatriot/comiserate, Brzowski and talk about the new album ‘A Fitful Sleep’ and other various whatknots.  Good Times, Good Times…

Episode #11 Basserk Records Edition

After a ‘brief’ hiatus, Subways & Sidewalks is back in action this edition focuses on my homies over the pond in Amsterdam and their fantastic Electro and Dubstep label Basserk.  Check Basserk.com for more info on the releases played.

Episode #10 ft. C.O.N.C.E.P.T. BK to Bpt by Bike

My MINDSpray brethren and Brooklyn’s own C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Biked (you heard me) biked all the way from Brooklyn to the LBP studios in Bridgeport to check in with your man…that’s dedication!  Nope, Con is not some exercise freak or health nut.  The man just wanted to save a few ducats on the train ride to CT…can you blame him?  Metro North is B’spensive!

Episode #9 Wispers is is MUCH louder than you’d expect

Boston’s own Wispers came out to grace the Low Budget Studios and tell you (and me for that matter) what’s good with him for 2011.  He came, he saw, he was left speechless at points…can you ask for anything better???  I think not…Biggup to DJ Addition for making it happen!!!

Episode #8 DJ Deja Murdiddly-erders it!!!

For this episode I tried like heck to get a guest in studio; my banter is quite banal and pedestrian without a guest right???  Buuut mother nature had other ideas…so Deja did the next best thing and sent in an INCREDIBLE 20 min mix to rock on the show!  I did and it was gooood…

Episode #7 Singles Edition

This episode focuses on the singles that I get sent to me from artists who may not have an album forthcoming or just want to create buzz before their record does drop.  A dope listen for sure but, I probably should have also talked about how much it sucks to be single as well.  Next Time…Next Time…

Episode #6 HALO RE:mix Edition

As I was RACKING my brain for viable episode ideas I realized, ‘AHA! I just happen to be and ILL remix producer!’.  So I did what any other ego maniacal DJ/Producer would…did a whole episode about ME.  Not to worry there are other producers and remixes on there too, damn!  Why you gotta steal my shine?

Episode #5 Eyedea Tribute

A special Subways & Sidewalks episode dedicated to the late great Michael Larson AKA Eyedea. Chock full of great singles remixes and outtake material you might not have heard before.

Episode # 4 Jesse Abraham likes girls who do Yoga

Had a chance to sit down (or stand up rather) with one of the NYC Underground’s best Up-and-Comers.  Rapped about NYC scene, breaking boundaries with music, DJ Halo doing Yoga, the back story behind ‘Halo Doesn’t Suck’ and much more!!! 4 of 5 Dentists recommend it…

Episode # 3 Sketch tha Catclysm; an Unfortunately Long Name

Just kickin it with the long time homie and collaborator Sketch to talk about CT Hip-Hop, new AFA projects, general bad attitudes and the most annoying things I deal with DJing in the club.  Hiyoooo!!!

Episode #2 PLUS is Hip-Hop


Had a chance to kick on mic with frequent live show collaborator PLUS, talk a bout his album ‘The Turning Point’ and how HARD I would take out Cerberus if given the chance…Shizaaam!!!

 Episode #1 godAwful Music and Much More!!!

First one up features the homie godAwful with new material from his new album and much, much more!!!


The ONLY Indie Rock Sock Hop w/ DJ HALO and Lady Spitfire ever produced, check the episode by clicking the link below or the flyer…Enjoy!!!

Episode #1; Head Donks and Vampire Weekend


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