New DNCE mix

Nahh, not the group (although I can’t hate on them too much they are pretty self aware just good pop dance music), but a new 30-ish min quick mix I did just to get some of the dance stuff I have been listening to out of my system since OAK crowds don’t go for it (boo! I know).  Enjoy!

If you want to follow me on mixcloud that would be dope HALO ON MIXCLOUD


New Mix[es] Show!

Ummm…wow it’s been a very long time since I posted.  I’d say I’m sorry but i’ve been too busy to be anything really.  So I have a new show on this UK station Back2BackFM which has been on the air since about April, buuut this is the first show where I really feel I had a good mix of it. Enjoy!

B2BFM Hour 1

B2BFM Hour 2

But wait there’s moooore!

Yeah I also have been making music just not really sharing it so here’s a fun playlist fo a few sketches of stuff I have made relatively recently.