Thugg Thursday!

Got a few videos here from the bowels of the YouTubes that I just felt like posting…

One of the THE BEST Black Moon tracks in my opinion, I just wish it were mixed better.  Off the studio debris and remixes album Diggin’ In Da Vaults, if you don’t know now you know…

My fav track from Blatz; it’s more than a cheap beer, it’s a gutter punk band…you didn’t know?

Classic hardcore…

This just makes me want to break shit.  If you have ever seen me play it out, you know…


Wuddup Wednesday!

Hump day is upon us!  Let’s get through it…together

Willie Green – Fasho Fasho! (Remix) ft. PremRock, Zilla Rocca & Mad Dukez

FASHO FASHO (Remix) Artwork

New remix from NYC producer Willie Green remixing, himself.  The original is from the album We Live In The Future and for the remix he brought along NYC cohort PremRock (also on original track), Philly rhyme killah Zilla Rocca and Buffalo’s own Mad Dukez.  Released as a maxi-single harkening back to the old 12″ singles ft. Remix, Inst, Acc and Album.  Be on the looks for a HALO RMX very soon!

JnaturaL – Ain’t Nothing Sacred Video

Brand new video from west coast spitter (and maaannn can she spit) JnaturaL featuring great subject matter and equally well thought out visuals a la Calvin Klein ONE ads.  Take that Fashion Industry!  Speaking of; if you didn’t know JnaturaL is also a clothing designer.  Check the site (, grab some gear for your significant other and maybe get a jibber outta the deal.  You can thank me later…

Jern Eye – Power ft. Vex Davortex

Jern Eye_Power_single cover

Brand new track from the homie and Lunar Heights alum.  I have been a fan since his first LP Authentic Vintage.  Check the break at the end of Combat, 1min+ of neck snapping.  If you aren’t bobbing a bit to it, check your pulse because

DJ HALO Live in Hayfork, CA


I’ll be traveling north this Friday to rock at Northern Delights Cafe in Hayfork, CA so if you are in the vicinity I would highly recommend coming out to see me get loose and not because of The Goose either.  I am naturally limber…


Ruff Mix Mondays!

Holy snap!  New studio is up and running, functionally at least, so here’s a hot off the griddle podcast.

Subways & Sidewalks #15 Grand Re-Opening Edition

S&S Grand ReOpening Cover

Comes out tomorrow on where you can stream it or download it; shouts to DJ Flash for getting this up there and dealing with me being a crazy person…

Download S&S 15

Stream S&S 15 on Mixcloud

Playlist for Subways & Sidewalks #15

Factor – Alive Tomorrow ft. NOMAD (From Woke Up Alone out July 23)

Thelonius Tut – Get Hi ft. Calest (

Blue Sky Black Death & SAS – Valley of Kings ft. Cam’ron & P.A.P.I. (

Sadistik – Kill the King ft. Decon the Villian (From Flowers For My Father)

Aesop Rock – Harbor is Yours (HALO Remix)

Botzy – Thrill is Gone ft. Justyn Dow (From Buck Fotzy out July 11)

Blue Sky Black Death & Dinero Farrar – This is It ft. Child Actor (From Cliff of Death)

PremRock & Willie Green – Jogger ft. Open Mike Eagle (HALO Remix)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Picture Perfect (From Atlantic Sky)

Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram – Searching ft. Milly (From Atlantic Sky)

Sadistik – Russian Roulette ft. Cage & Yes Alexander (From Flowers For My Father)

JnaturaL – Push Away ft. Eligh (From Bad Woman Rising out June 9)

Sister Crayon – Cynic (From Cynic EP)

Willie Green – Fasho Fasho! ft. PremRock (From We Live In The Future)

Foreign Legion – Roommate Joint (From Playtight)

Fake Four FREE Friday!

Basic CMYK

Got a gang of new stuffs from the Fake Four fam for you Friday enjoyment.  These dudes just keep making hits…

Factor – Woke Up Alone Album Trailer

The official trailer teaser for the the new album from Saskatoon super producer Factor.  Album drops July 23rd, so mark your calendars, it’s looking like a banger.  Along with the video check this track out off the album as well featuring Nomad.  Enjoy!

Ceschi – Work Song (ft. Baracuda, NGAFSH & Child Actor)

New heat from the helmsman of Fake Four!  Produced by Child Actor…WHA???!!!  Yeah, this is happening.

Sister Crayon – Cynic Video

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you have missed some cinematic genius…

Thugg Thursday

Hump day is done and the extra weekend night is just about upon us…time to go out and rob a bitch, it is Thursday after all.

BSBD X SAS – Valley of Kings ft. Cam’ron & P.A.P.I.


Brand new heat from the bay area duo with help from SAS and guest spots from diplomats Cam’ron and P.A.P.I; liven up your spring by getting your twerk on.  Since we are talking BSBD…


You’re welcome.


Botzy – The Thrill is Gone ft. Justyn Dow


New track from Minneapolis based rapper and Culture Cry Wolf member Botzy; off his forthcoming solo album ‘Buck Fotzy’ out on July 11th.


Whuttup Wednesday!

It’s hump day and like all weeks, you are close enough to the weekend to taste it, but far enough away to be at the bottom of your dispair about never getting there.  Buck up, here’s some items that should help get you through…we can do this, together (cue sappy/inspirational music in 3…2…1).

Corina Corina ‘O.D. Love’ (Deto-22 Remix)

Hot off the griddle from BK songstress Corina Corina and remixed by 1/4 of CT’s Phenetiks Crew, Deto-22.  I wouldn’t sleep if I were you…

Paper Tiger – The Sting feat Homeboy Sandman

New heater from Paper Tiger of the UK, not Doomtree’s Brooklyn Transplant (shouts to E. Lit on the correction; check dude’s blog.  Got some really insightful reviews in there) featuring NYC’s Stones Throw representative Homeboy Sandman; 7″ out on 5/13 via UK based Wah Wah 45’s which is a great little label out there is you are unfamiliar.

and for my electro heads…

Aesop Rock ‘Harbor is Yours’ (HALO Remix)

Harbor is Yours Remix Cover

Finally making music again, so I thought I’d share this pretty dark take on Aesop Rock’s “Harbor is Yours” one of my favorite tracks of his seminal album ‘None Shall Pass’. Enjoy, and if you are in the Bay area at all this saturday you might want to check me out spinning the jams all night at The Legionnaire Saloon and check the flyer as it came out pretty awesome, my comic nerds will know you that uber hot chick is. Word.


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