Get Down Tuesday

Got a couple of fun things for you today along with info on my inaugural DJ night in Oakland tonight.  Hooray!

Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA


Had a chance to rock there this past Friday with the homie Esh The Monolith and it was a BLAST!  These dudes are def on top of the art and gallery game: tons of great pieces from rotating artists about once a month, paint, markers and ink.  In addition to that they have a small but well curated LP and CD section that I had to step away from as I would have dropped DOUGH at the spot.  Check them on the interwebs or on Facebook.  Word.

Esh The Monolith & Arc – Nightworks EP


The EP has been out for a minute but I thought you should check the song, if you haven’t already, that I inspired called Werewolves Anonymous.  Shouts to ESH & ARC.

TONIGHT @ The Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA!


I’ll be doing the damn thing for my 1st DJ set in downtown Oakland since relocating!  9:30 to close; come out for good music, vibes, friendly service and draaaanks.  Start your week with a BANG.  For more info check the Facebooks for the invite (yes, you are invited!) HERE.  If you are unfamiliar with the Legionnaire, it’s the new pub owned and operated by none other than Zack Turner, AKA Prozack Turner of Foreign Legion fame so you know they know how to get down.


Bandcamp Bananas…

Yo.  How’d the week go?  Good, Bad, Ugly?  Well no worries, here’s some music to forget your troubles before you sweat it out tonight at the cluuuub (poppin’ bottles and such is usually how it goes right?).

Fameless Fam – Eat Fly II

New newness from my Boston/Providence/Brooklyn homies who have been doing their thing for a long time now; great compilation of tracks here featuring some great talent.  Didn’t know that dude was down with Fameless Fam?  Well get involved!

Shouts to Emoh Betta, F.Virtue, Falside & Juan Duce

Sole – My Veganisim (Produced by Cars & Trains)

New track from Sole produced by portland super producer Cars & Trains off his newest effort No Wishing Up No Settling Down

Don’t Know Cars & Trains?  Tisk, Tisk…

J La Soul – Departure

This dude has been a talented individual for a long time.  He is finally getting back to the beats: sample laced, jazzy grooves, real deal golden era ish.  Take a listen and get involved.



Whuttup Wednesday

Some great items for you this Wednesday so kick for a 15; your boss isn’t up your ass that much today…yeah.

Warrior Bros – Cluster EP

These dudes are the EFFING homies!  Love them (and hate them because they are so young) and was impressed with their live show when i rocked with them at Studio K in Amsterdam a few years back.  If you are unfamiliar with them or their label Basserk, you should really get acquainted…

Basserk Records

Bananas right?

Illogic and Blockhead – Capture the Sun 

Since I heard about this album I was pretty amped, as I’d imagine most fans of either would be, but finally hearing is believing.

Beat Tape Tuesday!


Got a few items for you to rock in your iPod rotation (formerly Walkman) for the next few weeks so take a look, listen and get to know these great producers…

Edison – Dehydrated Water EP

This dude really blew me away after getting the KILL SWITCH split with Doomtree’s Lazerbeak and seeing him last night open up (quite literally) the night for Busdriver and Aesop Rock in Oakland I had to throw a post up about him.

Edison Website, Twitter, Soundcloud

Captain Murphy – Between Friends Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Dfalt Remix)

Also known as Cassettes Won’t Listen, DFault will be releasing an instrumentals collection called the Helsinki Beat Tape Part 1 on Daylight Curfew this summer.  Get to know some of his earlier works with a track from his Ableton (yes the actual company) collaborative release ‘Greyscale’.

Lord Faz – LoVEE the Beat Tape

Some really great meat and potatoes beats here from the helmsman behind BeatTrotterz with a heartfelt dedication…

This beat tape is a tribute to Virginie “Vee One” Malet
(February 7th, 1974 – March 30th, 2011) who was my Love, my best friend, my partner in crime, one of the most talented journalist in the Hip Hop shit and music, the smartest and most loving woman I met in my life, and the only human being who ever understood me and knew me as no other.


Ruff Mix Mondays: All Vinyl Edition

Hey Hey!  If you didn’t know I moved all the way coast to coast this past Feb and it’s been a long time coming to get my studio back up online, but it’s finally happened and to celebrate that I continued the Record Store Day theme with an ALL VINYL mix of purchases I made between East and West Coasts and on Record Store Day (curse your used section Ameoba in Berkeley for making me spend more than I really should!).  Enjoy!

DJ HALO Record Store Day Vinyl Session Mix


Record Store Day Vinyl Session by Halodoesntsuck on Mixcloud

Edison – These Songs Are Rabies (Kill Switch split LP w/Lazerbeak on Fieldwerk)

Nora Jones – She’s 22 David Andrew Sitek Remix (10″ Remixes Single for Record Store Day)

Dan the Automator – Deltron 16 (Looking) (Deltron 10″ from Dogfish Head)

7L & Esoteric – Protocol Vinyl Reanimators Remix (12″ Single on Brick)

Unsung Heroes ft. Siah & Karime Kendra – Next Degree Rmx (12″ Single on 75 Ark)

DJ Zeph – Percussion Discussion (Self Titled 2LP on Wide Hive)

Sixo ft. [leif] Kolt – Rocker John (Sixo LP on Fake Four Inc.)

Slug and El-P – RPM pt. 2 (V.A. 2LP on Counter Flow)

Patrick Dawes – Scream Original (12″ Scream EP on Tummy Touch)

Subtitle – Young Dangerous Heart (Young Dangerous Heart 2LP on Gold Standard Labs)

Herbalizer – Interloodle (Remedies LP on Ninja Tune)

Jungle Brothers – VIP Wiseguys Remix (12″ Single on Gee Street/V2)

Ultra Magnetic MC’s – Crush Kill Destroy (Basement Tapes 1984 – 1990 on Tuff City)

Mark Ronson and Business International ft. Ghostface Killah – Lose It (In The End)

Tutto Matto – Take My Hand (12″ Single on Tummy Touch)

Lil’ B the Basegod – Freeze Tony Senghore Remix (4 Deep EP on Fool’s Gold)

Cold Cut – Sound Mirrors (Sound Mirrors 2LP on Ninja Tune)

Lazerbeak – Dedications (Kill Switch split LP w/Edison on Fieldwerk)

Record Store Day!


Today is a special day, nope not because it’s April 20th, but because it is a recognized holiday about supporting your local music outlet.  Not, make sure you buy something on iTunes to support the industry, but go to an actual physical shop and pick up a copy of something you know or a special Record Store Day item you could take a chance on.  Either way, it’s just important to get out and support your local music shops as these places have been dwindling in past years as they become institutional relics from when you used to get your music advice from an actual person (usually the kid with funny hair who seemed so different from you, but always knew exactly what you wanted) rather than an algorithm based on search terms.   I am not saying the system we have is not great and it’s pretty incredible that your library can follow you everywhere now with cloud and streaming services, but there is still nothing like taking time to dig through, preview, purchase a piece of music (I recommend not celebrating today’s other holiday while shopping as you can come home with bizarre choices that sounded so great in the store and once home are lack luster at best, TRUST ME) and be excited to listen to it in it’s entirety upon arriving home.  Maybe music has just always been a huge part of my life and always will be, but there is something about the process of selection and the payoff of an amazing album front to back that you just can’t get from the comfort of your own home or digital terminal of choice.  DSPs and brick and mortar stores are not at odds with one an other, but pieces of the same whole that both need their due.  So today please give some love to you local shop, pick up something interesting and rare/exclusive, then go home download the hot jam you heard in the car on the way to the store.

Sadistik is giving away copies of Flowers For My Father

You heard me right; free?  Yes free!  You can get up to 5 copies sent to you for just paying the shipping on them…pretty good deal right?  I thought so too.  For more info visit his site HERE and peep this video he did to describe the reason behind all this free music.  Enjoy!

Super Fresh Friday: Avalanche

Have some (alot actually) great videos (mostly) to share with you today so take a 15 and kick it; nobody smokes anymore right?

Qwel & Maker – Long Walkers

The G4 duo is back after some buzz from their recent remix contest (shouts to the winner Mane Rock!) and a mega-mix of their new record Beautiful Raw courtesy of DJ Bizkid up on Soundcloud, they give us Long Walkers…with a free download to boot.

Vice TV Staying Out of Prison

The first installment of Vice TV’s Staying Out of Prison featuring recent cult sensation via his regular column; the homieBert Burykil really shines with a very real account of what can happen once you get stuck in the US prison system.  Raw and hilarious at points, definitely well worth the 18 min run time.  Looking forward to Episode 2.

Thelonius Tut – Get Hi ft Calest

As Saturday April 20th is a holiday to some, I though it only fitting to run this song from Tut featuring Calest with Johnny Ganja on the boards.  It’s the first single from a forth coming Tut EP out this Summer; video is shot, edited and directed by the triade as well.  Chemistry…

Willie Green – Promises ft. Rachel Costello

Second single off his stellar throw back dance (yes, dance!) album We Live in the Future and it’s really a perfect anthem for good NYC spring weather.  Really good 80’s dance pop with a heavy jazz influence, a great job on the boards by Willie Green on this digital only piece.  Check the whole record at the Fake Four Distro Bancamp.

JNaturaL – Push Away ft. Eligh


JNatural is back this summer with a new record called Bad Woman Rising with the first leaked track out on her new clothing line’s site HALSEYAN and avail for FREE download for a limited time.  The track features Eligh of Living Legends and produced by Eligh, I know, it’s bizarre right?  So why not check Halseyan and get some new gear for the spring, girl.  Then bump that new new w/Eligh; bitches love Eligh…