Wuddup Wednesday!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So I am back in the swing of getting on the posts here and wanted to hip you to a few great events I have going down this week, so take a look (promise I won’t look back or make eye contact)…

MUR fashion show after party @ Chateau Cherbuliez NYC


This party is going to be off the chain!  I’ll be spinning world music and downtempo all night 9p-1a, open bar 9-10p @ the old LIMELIGHT location on W20th in NYC…RSVP to RSVP@pretentiouspr.com and I’ll see you there!


Halo’s Birthday Spinoff @ Karma Lounge NYC


I’ll be celebrating my Jesus Year in style by taking ove the old stomping grounds at Karma Lounge THIS friday and every Friday after to give you uptempo pop, dance, and a dash of the hippty to the hoppity.  Start cutting it up at 10pm till 4am so you got plenty of time to get there and rock out to the maxxx.  Say word!

Quick mix World music style…

12 min of fun world/funk/downtempo goodness…


Ruff Mix Monday is Back!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So I recently turned the ‘Jesus Year’ as well as the mysterious Rolling Rock number so I thought I’d give you two great shows I have done recently on WPKN for my show Six Feet Deep as well as a few pieces of random debris you might be interested in…let’s ‘go in’ as the young’uns say.


Six Feet Deep Ft. Ceschi Ramos


The Head Honcho at Fake Four Inc. and homie Ceschi Ramos decided to make the trip from New Haven to Bridgeport and have some fun times and general broadcast mayhem to help celebrate my date of birth this year…you can stream the show through the archive HERE, or download by clicking the link above.  Enjoy!!!

Six Feet Deep ft. Serena Andrews


Another banger of a show and this time I am co-helmed by my recent homie and ahhhmazing singer, song writer, electronic producer and all around cool chick…Serena Andrews.  Check the show and see why we got so many calls in…stream from the WPKN archive HERE or click the link above to download. Jeah!


Random Debris…

Some stuff I think you should know about and [hopefully] will LOVE, say word.

Scion A/V Moombahton EP


Just download it, you’ll be happy you did…

Scion A/V Poolside EP


Donky Kong Jr. – The Bloody Path