Ruff Mix Mondays is Back!!!

Happy Freaking Hogswatch!!!

I am back and badder than than ever for the holidaze and all that good stuff…getting my cards all set to mail and what knot so it’s about time I start posting again to this corner/crux of the internet.  I have a new mix for you to download and some stuff off my soundcloud as well and then I will leave you be…Savvy?  OK, let’s ‘go in’ as the kids say these days…


I made this mix for a special person, as the title would indicate, but they will remain nameless…maybe it’s YOU.  Either way a great mix was produced and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to post comments or your mama jokes…what?  Track list!?  fiiiine…This is the most rappy mix I have made in forever, so ENJOY!

New Soundcloud Heat!

Not really as it has been up for about a month or so now, but I haven’t had time to post about it until now.  A remix I did for the Scale It Back remix contest held by DJ Shadow, obviously I didn’t win, but I did make a song that I am excited to play for people…peep game.


Freakout Friday; I HEART BASS!!!

YOOOOOOOO!!!  It has been a MINUTE since I got up on here, for that I apologize but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  Have no fear though, I will be in FULL EFFECT for the up coming holiday week and sporadically more often from then on…Savvy?  Great!  Now that we are in agreement, I just wanted to shout out a really fun (hopefully well attended) event I will be doing tonight @ Freight Street Gallery in Waterbury.  Freight Street if you have never been there before is a pretty dope spot, a bit out of the way, but very nice as they have done significant improvements to the spot since their opening a few years back.  Any artists looking for a great place to play an ALL AGES show should seriously take a look at this venue.

So, tonight I will be rocking the jammie jams from 10pm until 2am for a rare ALL AGES set, so feel free to bring your annoying little brother for some earsplitting BASS.  Mostly rocking Electro and Dubstep tonight, but if you’ve witness the fitness live before, you know I tend to meander genre-wise…for more info click the flyer above or the link HERE to check the FB invite.  Hope to see YOU there!!!