Whuttup Wednesday!

Holler@Your.Boy!!!  Another hump day is upon us and I am excited…why you say?  I have two dope tracks from the homie Donky Kong Jr.  and some hilarious shorts to re-run from the comedy group STELLA (had a show on comedy central, members of The State cast).  Ohhh yes, it’s that kinda day…

New Tracks

For you enjoyment I have two new offerings from producer Donky Kong Jr.  Peep game, these are pretty dope…

Donky Kong Jr. – Dubstep, Sand & Chickpeas…

Donky Kong Jr. – Another Donky Kong Jr. Track

Aaaaand as a special treat I have a super rough in progress mix of a new HALO instrumental too…

HALO – In Progress…


STELLA Shorts!

I remember commercials about the show when it was on the air on Comedy Central, but had never taken the time to peep the show out…SUCH A MISTAKE I MADE.  Woe, these dudes are hilarious!  Shouts to Eliot and Benji for putting me on to this amazing comedy that I and now you, cannot, should not, will not live without from now on.  I will use the birthday one as an intro because mine is soon (when exactly?)…

If you thought that was funny, peep the whole set HERE


Ruff Mix Monday!

Hey Hey!  So I was away in CA for a bit and ‘off the grid’ for a while but am back and badder than ever with some great new stuff to kick your week off right…right you say?  Yes, right…not YEaaahh Riiiight.

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice

This week’s edition has a whole FREE (free you say…) EP courtesy of Scion A/V’s website (website you say…) from the collusion of 4th Pyramid and Cosmo Baker, called Sheen Bros.  It’s really just a bunch of remixes of the same track ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (Nice and Smooth & solo fame) and mannn does it bang! In the cluuuub, streets, basement or bedroom, if this doesn’t get a head nod out of you I would suggest checking your pulse cause you might be dead.  Just kidding…wait, no I’m not.  Peep the two tracks below and if you are like me and the ‘download and figure out later’ type you can grab the whole thing HERE

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (The Miracles Club Remix)

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (Torro Torro Remix)


I couldn’t get the Video to post but it’s ULTRA hilarious; SNL Digital Short, you know the deal…click the link above or HERE to peep the madness.  “Eat Cocaine Off America’s Grave Stoooonnne!!!”, “Don’t Call Us Slooooooooowwww!!!”…yeah, it’s that good.






Thugg Thursday!

Aww Snap!!!   Life has really been getting all up in my ass these days, so I better work it out huh?  Well I have been and to that effect I have a short and sweet rocker for you today with three (count them!) THREE incredible new tracks from some of the most ahhhmazing talent of 2011.  Peep game and enjoy!


Qwazzar & Batsauce – Till it’s Done (Galapagos4)






Brand spanking new track from the Duo’s new Album ‘Bat Meets Blaine’ due out on Sept 13; a scant 4 months after the release of their first record (pictured above)…when the chemistry’s there use it.


The Metermaids – Graveyard Shift (Prod. By 9th Wonder) (Strange Famous Records)






These cats have been the HOMIES for a minute now and I can’t be happier about their success, they deserve it for real!  Their new record ‘Rooftop Shake’ comes out on Strange Famous Records Sept 6th and it’s gonna be a BANGER.  I would advise getting a preorder on this one…


Astronautalis – Dimitri Mendeleev (Fake Four Inc)






Apparently this track is BURNING up the blogs and internet; as you can tell it made it to my site…mooo whooo hahahaha!  But seriously folks, this is a solid track, and from what I can tell the whole album is gonna be ILLMATIC style dope.  Plus Andy is just a really cool guy to boot.  Check it fool!!!  His 4th LP ‘This Is Our Science’ will drop on Fake Four Inc September 13th.  COP THAT, COP THAT!


Ruff Mix Mondays!

Allright, Allright, Allright.  Whew!  A whole week without a post, whate whate gwan you say?  I was busy with other work endeavors sadly, but fear not I am back on the grizzly this week in full effect and have a banger of a week lined up (shockingly, I do actually plan these things in advance); so let’s get into this edition of Ruff Mix Monday and take it from there…savvy?  Word.

New Remixes!!!

These remixes are in the last few months, but I haven’t shared them yet so I threw them up on Soundcloud to see what cats thought before I went in and monkey with them any further…the monkeying will commence this week so peep them before the get ruined!!!

Infinite Livez – Lucky You (HALO Remix)

I opened up for Infinite when I was DJing in Berlin and we got to talking…he had some accs up on bandcamp, I like remixing, 2+2=4 and all was right with the world.

Storm Davis – Snuggle Bunny (HALO Remix)

I have known Storm for a while now thanks to the homies The Metermaids and he recently sent me over this acc and I tired to get as busy as I could on it.  In usual HALO fashion, I just kinda evil-ed it up a bit…super rough draft so don’t get to used to the sound.

New Morning Show Archive ft. Data Romance

As you may or may not know, I have been blessed to have a temp co-host for the last month on my WPKN Morning show (Tuesdays 6-9am: 89.5fm, WPKN.org & iTunes radio) as well as have some great interviews.  All making for really enjoyable radio vs. shabby ole me in there by myself (waack) as per the usual.  This week has a great interview with the up-and-coming electronic group of Data Romance at the end of the show in addition to great music, news, views and all that jazz you can’t hear elsewhere on the radio dial (trust me).  Click the link below to stream it off the WPKN site. A downloadable archive will be up soon!

MORNINGS ON WPKN ft. INTERVIEW W/DATA ROMANCE                                                                                                                  

Marcel The Shell…WTF?

This video series is HILARIOUS!!!  Serious, I got put on last night and can’t stop thinking about it or hearing the lines in my head, it’s that good.  I will let the first video speak for its self…