Ruff Mix Monday: You’re On To Me…

Leftovers???  Uhhh, yes please…

I hope all was well with your Turkey Day!  Turkey Day at the halodoesntsuck labs was pretty low key this year, certainly much less exciting and dramatic than last year for SURE.  So while most had time to be off and watch football and eat great food; I was hard at work in the lab to finish up this “You’re On To Me Remixes” EP and it is finally finished!!!  It’s four (loko?) remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’, two other remixes of tracks from the Vaguest Vacation LP and the original version of ‘You’re On To Me’. Verrrry exciting news to you I am sure…It should be all packaged and ready for digital distribution in about a week or so, but for now here are the two other remix tracks from the EP.  ENJOY!!!

Domer – Counting Sheep (HALO Remix)

Domer – Mello Me (HALO Remix)




Tuesday is Recycling Day…and I Looooove Recycling

Whattup Whattup!!!  So this week is Turkey filled awesomeness combined with annoying & awkward family interactions…pretty sweet!!!  Luckily I was hatched so I will just be doing my thang thang on the holiday; maybe a turkey sub from Subway.  I hear Jared loves em’…

So this week I have TWO artists of the week recycled from Adam’s World Blog and a brand spanking new Subways & Sidewalks Podcast!!!  A veritable feast for the mind and ears…WHOOOOAAA BLOSSOM that was corney!!!  Call me Nebraska from now on…


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: BOP ALLOY (Substantial & Marcus D)

Substantial was one of my original Artists Of The Week when I started this feature back in 2006. Since then he’s gotten married, moved from Brooklyn back to his original home of Maryland, release a couple albums, and had a child. The one thing I don’t think he’s done is sleep, because even with all that going on he still found the time to link up with Seattle producer Marcus D to create Bop Alloy. This week I caught up with both Substantial and Marcus D to find out more about the Bop Alloy project, including how they came together for it, the musical direction it goes in that will have longtime Substantial fans cheering, and why they’re so big in Japan.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



Born in New Haven, CT, Notar’s had two huge influences that have affected him from day one. First there’s his family’s work ethic. Having owned a grocery story in Hamden for generations, Notar’s never known a time when his family wasn’t doing for self. Second is his family’s musical side. His father was a trumpet player and it wouldn’t be long before Notar followed in his musical footsteps. Half Italian and half Lebanese, Notar went his own route musically, and it’s done him well. An emcee backed by a full band, Notar recently caught the ear of Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, who started a label and quickly inked Notar to a deal.
Now residing in NYC, Notar has made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene there, as well, most notably at Freestyle Mondays. This week I caught up with Notar to find out more about his music, how the closing of Sin Sin, which was the longtime home of Freestyle Mondays, affected him, and how seriously we should take his blog’s title of Notar for President.  For Full article visit Adam’s World Blog…



A brand new (Literally, I did it last night) Subways & Sidewalks Podcast for your ears with the focus on this episode being…ME.  Yup you guessed it, my ego maniacal ways got the best of me when I was searching for themes and I decided to focus on remixes and more specifically, MY remixes.  Don’t worry other remixes get love in this episode too…sheesh!  Check the playlist below…

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (HALO Remix)
Grand Buffet – Things that go Bump in the Night (Ultimate Club Mix)
Plastic LIttle ft. Amanda Blank & Ghostface – Crambodia (Pink Skull Remix)
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)
Serengeti – Crystal (HALO Remix)
Uffie – SUV (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Elle Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Iron Lyon ft. Vordul Mega – Spiralin’ (HALO Remix)
Domer – Mello Me (HALO Remix)
JR & PH7 ft. Evidence – Bow Down (HALO Remix)
Bisco Smith ft. human?, Grimace & Esen – Railroads (HALO Remix)
Dante LaSalle ft. Aztek – Dead Weather (HALO Remix)

If this sound like something right up your alley, then please feel free to click the album art above or the link HERE to download it.  If you’re a bit on the fence, ‘eh I dunno, do I really want this dude taking up my HD space?”, then please check the stream @ Either way do check it out; I put a whole TWO HOURS of my time into it!!! That’s blood, sweat and tears…



Fresh Friday; Remix Edition

So I have been going BALLISTIC this week in the Lab and actually working less than usual…AHHHmazing!!!  Have done a bunch of remixes for friends (Domer) and what knot (Aesop Rock) so check em out.  Then, check out the originals and all that jazz…you know how this music stuff snowBALLZ…ENJOY!!!

Actually will be releasing a Remix EP of Domer later in the Month on my   Bandcamp page which will include 5 remixes of ‘You’re On To Me’ and remixes of two other songs from the ‘Vaguest Vacation’ LP…stay tuned for all the exciting details on that!!!

Domer – You’re On To Me (HALO Remix)

Domer – You’re On To Me (AdamB Made Me Do It RE:Mix)

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (HALO Remix)

Aesop Rock Ft. Camp Lo – Limelighters (HALO Remix)



OHHH SNAP! I’m back and badder than ever…

HOOOOLIIEEE COW!!!  It’s been a minute right???  Well I was on Hiatus for a min but I am now back, for the time being at least, and I have got some crazy stuff for you!!!   I have been planning this Euro trip for January, which is going pretty well, next I have my recycled Artist of the Week for this week aaaand a slew of new beats for you to peruse.  Sooooo, let’s get into it!!!

DJ HALO Takes Europe!!!

I will be doing dates in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague…stay tuned for the specifics as dates get confirmed.


Artist of the Week; Wordspit

A lot of folks may recognize WordSpit from his appearance in the Dollar Van Demos McDonald’s commercial that ran earlier this year. Believe it or not, it was an instance where a billion dollar company was recognizing the impact of underground hip-hop. WordSpit is not a corporate shill, he’s a veteran emcee in New York City’s underground hip-hop scene, and this week I caught up with him to find out what kind of effect the ad campaign has had on his visibility, who he is as an artist, and where he gets his insane amount of energy from. For full story visit Adamsworld Blog



So I have been finishing up a GANG of old stems and making new tracks in the last few days, like Books, you should…CHECKEMOUT



1996 RULES