Whuttup Wednesday!!! The Past is never behind us…

Yes, Yes…So the Halodoesnsuck Studios have been being HUGELY reorganized in the last two weeks and in going through all the accumulated crude I have come across some old flyers and whatknots that remind me of DJ days past, so I have been feeling slightly nostalgic as of late.  So Today’s post is a bunch of old youtube videos from past tours I was on, interviews and other whatknots which have never been corralled in one place before…Enjoy!!!

Performing with Sketch Tha Cataclysm & Seme Rock and the Fairfield Weekly’s Grand Band Slam @ Captian’s Cove Bridgeport 2008

Rocking out on some jam ish Spring 2007 @ Cousin Larry’s Danbury

Rediculous Tour Blog from the Super Subverse Sorta-Rap Tour 2007…

The Cali-Portland Leg of the Super Subverse Sort-Rap Tour 2007…

Getting Dirrry in Knoxville TN for the Unnatural Disasters Tour 2007…

Cyphering in Chapel Hill NC, Super Subverse Sorta-Rap Tour 2007…

Blog from first half of Super Subverse Sorta Rap tour 2007…Check the ILL doubles routine of AC/DC’s TNT done LIVE in Greensboro NC.

Link to a Hilarious Interview I did with Adam B about making girls dance…Click HERE

Stay tune for new interviews, mixes, beats and more!!!


Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Whuddup.  So I don’t have anything to speak of for this week’s Ruff Mix, but in light of recent events, I will give a front page post to the Podcast of Indie Rock Sock Hop #1; Head Donks and Vampire Weekend.  Sadly, there will never be another episode cut for this particular podcast, well, at least not featuring Lady Spitfire…artistic differences and such have made it impossible to get another episode done.  The show was a great idea but, it just couldn’t last…c’est la vie.  Good luck to Lady Spitfire in whatever projects she decides to take on next!!!  Click the cover art or link below to download.

Episode #1; Head Donks & Vampire Weekend

The rest of this week should be choc-a-bloc full of goodies though; interviews, mixes, and even some visual art stuff.  So stay tuned for that…

Thugg Thursday!!!

Just a quick post to give biggups to the Homie DJ MadAdam from Chicago who held me down on the trade off sets @ The Exchange and had me throwing down the JAMS to keep up with his stuff…great night filled with chillin’, fresh vibes and spicy ginger beer.  He’s making moves so check the his site if you don’t get left behind…DJ MadAdam

DJ MadAdam

The last thing is the DOOOOPEST underground rap track I have heard in a minute…Despot’s “Look Alive” off the Def Jux IV compilation that I recently got on wax for $7.99 (Sealed!!!).  Check it out it’s pure backpack goodness…ahhh, I missed you Hip-Hop.

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

YO.  Just got in and am covered with grass buuuut am posting anyway in this grimy gas soaked state anyhow cause it’s like that…Got artist of the week, a video of the ILLEST posse cut ever recorded and a quote off the same album that makes me laugh every time I think of it (serious, on line at the store yesterday…burst out laughing and got more than a few raised eyebrows).  Later in the week I will be posting my continuation of the ‘SXSW 2010; Collected Interviews from the Dirty Dirty’, some new podcasts of my recent Morning Shows and Six Feet Deep, as well as other cool treats.  It’s an exciting week here in the halodoesntsuck studio aside from the office reorganization that is going on as we speak (who knew mail could pile up so quickly…oye!!!).  Now on with the show…

This Week’s artist of the week is a singer and one heck of a singer at that…Michelle Shaprow!!! Click the stunning photo below or link to check out her Soundcloud page and see for yourself!  Thanks to Adam’s World Blog for always being nice enough to give me the content to jack…Holla!!!

I’m always open to suggestions for my Artist Of The Week features, so when my buddy Clyde over at ProHipHop.com, who rarely recommends artists to me, told me I had to listen to a singer by the name of Michelle Shaprow I immediately went to his site to check her out. Clyde wasn’t lyin, Shaprow has some serious skills. Having once charted on the Billboard dance charts as a vocalist over club tracks, Shaprow has slowed things down a bit and much of her new work, some of which can be heard on her Purple Skies EP, has a jazzy feel to it.
The internet has actually been a longtime friend to Shaprow; she met her current manager, Collin Stanback, via Facebook. Her story, however, starts with her nomadic childhood, which saw Shaprow and her family move all over the country. The songstress eventually set up shop at Yale for college and quickly found her way into the music industry. One interesting ride with Warner Bros. later, she’s now enjoying the freedom of being an indie artist. This week I caught up with Shaprow to find out more about that freedom, what brought about her shift in musical stylings, and how her dance fan base has reacted to her new sound.  For Full article check Adam’s World Blog


This is quite possibly the ILLEST posse cut to have ever been recorded (Sorry CT it’s not that track ‘The Coming” from a few years back…good, but not great like this) features basically every grimy south rapper of the height of the gangster rap era.  Pay special attention to the Gangster N.I.P verse…AAAAAAMazing.

Quote of the Century

On the album that ‘Bring it On’ is from, Ghetto Boys 4th and last record ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, there is an outro that contains this quote…“To all you youngsters out there looking to get into this rap business…it’s a smart move…”.  Really???  Dang!!! Wish I had known that before I wasted time and $$$ getting a piece of paper that says I learned stuff…HI-Larious!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays…I’m Baaaack!!!

Yo, Yo!  Back from my ‘Summer Jam’ whirlwind through the Midwest and badder than ever.  Peace to all who I performed for, stayed with, chilled with while I was out last week!!!  Good times were had by all, ladies shook their butts, retarded driving schedules were kept, many miles and thousands of Bugs (maaan there is a lot of Insects in the Midwest!) were put on my poor new Element.  Got a new piece of studio equipment (Roland 303 Groovebox!!! Thanks Chris!!!) and am ready to crush it while I am home for the next 6 weeks on the production tip, so be on the looks for MASSIVE amounts of new beats and remixes.  Word.

This week’s Ruff Mix is a Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that is my first episode to be syndicated by the Rapreviews.com Podcast Network!!!  It features long time homie and live show collaborator Plus as my guest host and is totally ballistic (like you’d expect anything different from me???).  Check Plus @ his site plusishiphop.com, listen to the podcast @ rapreviews.com or simply click the photo below to download.  HOLLA!!!

Only the thuggest can rock Furr Trim

Recycling on the Road!!! Saving the Planet one state at a time…

Greetings from the DJ HALO Summer Jam Tour Midwest!!!   Thus far all has gone super well on my first foray into the wilderness as a solo DJ on tour…Shouts are in order at this point; Peace to Dante Le Salle, Deckmaster D, Division gallery, DeeJay Pikel, MadAdam, Mince Meat Radio (Sorry it didn’t work out…curse you Candanada!!!), Paul Simpson, WCBN music dept, aaaand Starbucks (corp Sponsorship???) for the internet use that has allowed me to post up and ramble like this…On to St. Louis and Kansas City!!!  So the post is two fold; Artist of the Week as usual and a tribute to the Writer who influenced my personal style the most of anyone R.I.P DARE (TWS).  Let’s get durrrty so I can break out like I was 15…Hoooooo!!!!


Every once in a while I get an album that makes me step back and say “whoa, this guy (or woman) is really good.” It happened most recently when I first heard godAWFUL’s Songs In The Key of Awful Vol. 1. A seriously talented emcee and producer, godAWFUL has all the skills and personality one could hope for in an artist and is potentially one of the few emcees who could really make a big impact coming out of Connecticut. When he’s not writing or recording, godAWFUL says he can be found in places that feature “good vibes, strong beverages and pretty women,” and while I couldn’t find a place quite like that to interview him, I did catch up with him this week to find out more about his music, why he has no problem spending time in the Penalty Box, and what he considers God awful.  For Full Article visit Adam’s World Blog...

In Addition to the article, I had a chance to sit down with godAwful and throw together a podcast with him co-hosting and featuring a TON of music off his new album ‘godAwful Music’ which you can download FOR FREE, HERE, or click the link below…

godAWFUL Podcast

R.I.P!!! DARE (TWS) Germany!!!!

While perusing sites a while back I noticed that THE most influential writer to my development as a writer myself has sadly passed away from cancer.  I cannot express how much this man helped me to shape how I drew and saw what I wanted my pieces to look like in my head, I can only imagine how many others are like me…My Hat’s off to you sir for being a TRUE original, moment of silence please…Please check the link HERE for a really cool Montage Video and short paragraph about the man Sigi von Koeding aka DARE.

OK cool, now let’s get down to checking out how AAAAAMAZING DARE was.  You’ll see why I choose to bite this guy to create my style…

Whuttup Wednesday!!! Recycling, Tour, Mixes…

Holy Crap!!!  Whut the F is up…it’s Halo the F-ing G…HUGE Update today that is choc-a-blok with goodies!!!  Let’s get into it cause i gotta bounce for the Halo Summer Jam Tour like right now.

First up, is this week’s Artists of the Week; MC Faceman!!!  Holler!!!

Sometimes it takes doing something a little different to get noticed. The MC Faceman knows this, which is why at the last Bondfire he jumped on stage with a megaphone for his time on the mic. I’d known The MC Faceman for a little while, and knew he was a talented emcee, but in a sea of artists, it was the megaphone that made me remember him most out of all the amazing acts I saw that night. Earlier this month The MC Faceman released the free downloadable EP 2010: The Year of The Worker Bee, and this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, how the internet helped give him his name, and why he’s much more interested in meeting contractors and lawyers than famous people.
For full article visit Adam’s World Blog


Yes, Yes!!!  A few mixes have been bubbling in the Halodoesntsuck labs and here are two good ones; One Electro and One straight commercial Hip-Hop…Peep Game!!!

Gangster Grillz with the MOST ILL

Just a live mix I recorded of newer tracks I had gotten recently and it came out pretty decent…Click the cover art or Link above to Download.

It’s a Demo!!!  Hip-Hop for the Cluuuub

Commercial Hip-Hop Demo I made literally yesterday and I am feeling how it came out…Checkit!!!  Click the Cover art or link above to Download.


That’s right, it’s BBQ season and all so i am hitting the road to rock out with my homies across the country!!!  Check the dates below….

Thursday 6/3 @ Rock Bar, Plymouth MI
Friday 6/4 @ B. Dubs, Deerborn MI
Saturday 6/5 @ TBA, Chicago IL
Sunday 6/6 @ Mince Meat Radio, Windsor MI
Monday 6/7 @ TBA, Ann Arbor MI
Tuesday 6/8 @ TBA, St. Louis MO
Wednesday 6/9 @ TBA, Kansas City, MO
Barring any last min books I should be back up to NYC on Friday for HOLLA!!! and Saturday Hookahs & Halos…

Aiight that’s all for now, have a long drive ahead of me and I am already late (thaaanks website…rrr)!