Ruff Mix Mondays…Memorial Day Edition!!!

Yoooo!!!  I hope you are outdoors and grilling dead flesh today to celebrate the lives of peep who sacrificed for freedom!!!  I will be doing a few massive updates this week before I head out on “Halo Summer Jam Tour” so be on the looks for a new post from the ‘SXSW 2010: Collected Interviews from the Dirty Dirty’ series, new Morning Show and Six Feet Deep podcasts as well as other goodies (new mix bubbling…).   Hey, can you pass me the potato salad…F*CK, it’s german style?!  Ehh, I’ll just have a hot dog and fried pickle then…

Happy Memorial Day!!! and remember, Big Brother is always watching…Moo Whoo Hahaha!!!


Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

Yoooo!!!  I have to shuffle off to Buffalo real soon so I just wanted to hit you with the Artist of the Week and be out…This week’s feature is none other than NYC underground favorite BS!!!  Hell Yes it’s BS!!!  Peep Game…

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing BS about BS. A part of NYC’s next generation of up and coming emcees, BS has rocked the mic with a litany of former Artists Of The Week (aka B-Listers, for the uninitiated), including Chaz Kangas, Jesse Abraham, and Premonition. In fact, the first time I saw him perform it was with a group of artists I’d known for a while, so it was almost as though he’d arrived on the scene already co-signed. To BS’s credit, he’s never taken advantage of that feeling and continues to work his ass off to get heard. This week I caught up with BS to find out more about the man behind the initials, including what those initials stand for, where you’ll never find him, and why instead of sneaking into shows he now has to sneak out of them.  For Full Article, Check Adam’s World Blog… (As always thanks for the content jack!!!)

Ruff Mix Monday…on Tuesday

Whuttup!!!  Alot of projects bubbling in the halodoesntsuck labs, will be in Buffalo the first part of the week to teach the yungins about the rap, self esteem and all that jazz…Holler!!!  This week’s Ruff Mix is a video I made for a HILARIOUS track off the Party Fun Action Committee album ‘Let’s Get Serious’.  If you are scratching your head like, “What the dunk is this cat talking about??? Jive Ass Mofo…” then check the link to learn more…

Party Fun Action Committee

The short of it is; this project was a joke project produced by Blockhead and it just happend to get put out by Def Jux back at the start of the label…See!  Rap can have a sense of humor too…Check the video and get at me about your sore abs from laughing.

For good measure here is another track from the album as well…Atoms Family anyone???  Plus the kid with the hoodie in the picture, dead up, could have been me 10 years ago…

Finally for all you Bostonites…

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

PUNK ROCK!!!! Was feeling a bit down today doing my Morning Show on WPKN, finished strong with a punk rock set of Rancid, NOFX, Op Ivy, Bad Religion and am feeling much better…something about spring and punk rock are like Paddington and Marmalade, they just go together.  So before I get into the Artist of the Week, peep this video of my favorite Bad Religion song of all time…American Jesus (as me for what the song means sometime…Holler!)

And for good measure…Blatz…

OK, Ok, ok…now that you have been all amped up from those two videos, let’s get into the Artist of the Week, Premonition!!!

The first time I heard Premonition was the remix to “Double Time” that was on the Spills & Jesse Abraham album Alphabutter. The song featured half a dozen of NY’s finest and when Premonition’s verse came on my initial reaction was “damn, who’s the dude with the deep-ass voice of God?” Then I started listening to his lyrics and thought “damn, the voice of God has some serious skills!” Over the next few months I’d run into Premonition at a number of shows and find that in addition to being able to shine on a track he can also rock a mic live. A truly passionate emcee, this week I caught up with Premonition to find out more about that passion, who’s going to end up on his future tour bus, and his strange connection with comedian Judah Freidlander.  For Full Article click the link to Adam’s World Blog HERE…

That’s all for now…Don’t forget to check the Live Dates section for a show I will be doing this Friday in Danbury CT for a great cause (I am donating more than my $5, you should too), the Bisco Smith interview (click the link to download) I posted yesterday aaaaand the updated Six Feet Deep & Morning Show pages.

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Ha-lo, ha-lo, ha-lo…how was the weekend???  Swellmaticalicious???  I hope soooo…Today I don’t have a music project for you, buuut it is a very well produced interview I got from the homie Bisco Smith @ SXSW and is the first part of a Series I will be posting here as well as broadcasting on my Morning Show on WPKN.  I call it “SXSW; collected interviews from the Dirty Dirty”.  I will be posting them regularly on Wednesdays, buuuut since I didn’t have any production stuff to post this week…here we are 2 days early for the first segment.   I am a poor planner, what can I say…simply click the photo below or the link HERE to download.

Interview Comes Chok-A-Blok with goodies; copy of the interview, two tracks off ‘The Broadcast’ (Freshwater & Morning Breath LeParisite Rmx), JPEGs of the visual art associated with ‘The Broadcast’ aaaaand a picture of my ugly mug interviewing Bisco.  All…FO’ FREE!!!  It that doesn’t get you excited, I suggest you check you pulse…you may be deceased.  Also!!!  Peep one of the videos (Morning Breath) that are posted on the front page of Bisco’s Site, it was shot on location @ WPKN for much of it and produced by the good homies @ Lasek X Video Production…Peep Game…

Lastly, I have updated the Six Feet Deep and Morning Show pages with easily digestible 50-60 min segments of both shows for all of April and the first week of May.  Peep a few random segments for you download pleasure, simply click the link and you’re off and running!!!  Again, it’s all FOR FREE so take a chance and hear something amazing…it could change your life (seriously, I am not kidding about that).

Morning Show 4.27.10 Hour 3

Six Feet Deep 4.7.10 Hour 2

Morning Show 4.6.10 Hour 3

Six Feet Deep 4.14.10 Hour 3

Morning Show 4.13.10 Hour 2

Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Sup, Sup, SUUUUUPPPP!!!  Yeah, so I am super freaking amped about three things today 1) the amazing Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that I made with godAwful yesterday, 2) Rocking in Boston tonight @ Good Life Bar and finally 3) taking my new MacBook Pro Laptop out for it’s club debut (it’s gonna be tiiiiiightsauce to the maxxx).   I got a full day planned today so I don’t really have much time to gabbb it up with ya (well damn, I had no idea it meant that much to you…tomorrow I swear.  Cool???  Great!!).  Without further pomp and circumstance here’s the Brand New SUBWAYS & SIDEWALKS Podcast ft. godAwful…Click the cover art below or the link to download…

Subways and Sidewalks Episode #1; godAwful Music and Much More!!!

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looooove Recycling…

Holy Snap Cakes!!!  Just wrapped the new Subways & Sidewalks podcast with godAwful and it is BANGIN’!!!  No lie, I am really excited about this one…damn I need to do it more often.  Whew!!!  I was feeling like warmed over dag (if your of the piker persuasion) doo, but had some Crunk Juice (thank you sponsors!!!) started rocking the 1’s and 2’s and feel FANTASTIC now…so amped!  Anyhow, the podcast will post tomorrow in my podcasts page, so be on the looks for that.  ALSO tomorrow I am taking over Good Life Bar in Boston, MA for ‘Kitchen Sink’ to blow out eardrums and make heads dance till they get sweaty…check the flyer for details, if you are in the Boston area I STRONGLY recommend attending this hump day spectacular (and not just cause i am the DJ) there will be live art from Auks One upstairs, a crazy drink menu and tons of good times had by all.

Click the Flyer to peep the FB invite!!!

Now, onward and upward with this week’s edition of Artist of the Week, so thoughtfully provided by the good folks over at Adam’s World Blog…This week features none other thaaaaannnn, Ukulele playing rapper Jon Braman…aaawwww snap!!!

A couple months ago I was at an event in the city when a friend of a friend started telling me about Jon Braman. Now, bear in mind, I hear a lot of people telling me about a lot of artists, so it takes something really interesting to get my attention. As soon as she said Braman was a rapper who played the ukulele, getting my attention was no longer an issue. After what seemed like dozens of missed opportunities to check out Braman’s work, his album, Climatastrophunk, finally arrived in my mailbox. Really interested in knowing if combining the ukulele and hip-hop could work, I put it on. It was an oddly perfect marriage, at least with Braman at the helm. His lyrics are meaningful, and at times downright beautiful, and his vibe matches those qualities perfectly. Braman describes some of the inspiration behind his music, saying “being able to sing out your fears as well as your hopes and dreams is a pretty good feeling.” This week I caught up with Jon Braman to find out more about the man, his music, and what exactly a Climatastrophunk is.

For Full Article check Adam’s World Blog…

Jeah!!!  Jeah, Jeah, Jeah!!!