Friday Treats!!!

Holy schnikies on a bicycle!!!  The weekend is here, ALREADY…wow.  So I have a few treats for you today mostly in form of site organization, so get your No. 2 pencils out and take note.

I have now created pages to archive all of my previous studio releases, mixes and beats…the pages are as follows


This page has all my studio releases to date, available for FREE download.  Get yourself a copy now!!!


An archive of all the mixes I have posted here and just stuff I have done that was either Digital Only release or a demo

Jeep Beat Music Productions

Archive of my beats and production projects to date, some good, some bad, some ugly…all HALO

Interview!!!  DJ ESE of Embedded/Def Jux

So waaaaaay back in the day I was really intouch with all the embedded camp when they were coming out with stuff, supporting their releases and all that jazz.  Soooo when it came time to fundraise for the station I put in a few calls and had the entire Embedded camp (ESE, Loer Velocity, Bisco Smith, Baje One, Cool Calm Pete, Doc Strange) out and this is the often interrupted interview that transpired to talk about ESE’s new release at that time ‘Side Two’.  Take a listen,  it’s hilarious and studies have shown hilarity will make your day 17% more productive….To download click the cover art below or the link HERE…

That does it for me until…maaaaybe Sunday night???  Will be posting the promo Mix I did for HOLLLA!!!  next week in my mixes section as well as all the other usual crude I post.  Have a swell weekend and if you are in NYC tonight come out to Karma Lounge for Loud Pipes (DJ Anubus Upstairs) & HOLLLA!!!! (DJ Halo Downstairs), late night happy hour, good music, smoking indoors…ALL FOR FREE!!!  Plus the first 25 heads in the downstairs get a FREE promo CD I did just for this occasion.



Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Still no real sleep yet but it’s all good…will be up in Boston tonight to kick it with my peoples and get some BIZ done…Today is chock-a-block full of goodness!!!  Artist of the Week (yeah, yeah it’s late in know…get off my back MOM), interviews and general cool stuff…peep game fool!!!

This week’s Artist of the Week is Taajwar, so swell of the peeps at Adam’s World Blog to let me jack content and not even on time usually (my life is quite sporadic at best…whaddaya, whaddaya)!!!  Come ooooonnnn Down!!!

The Season of Sole comes to a close this week, and for the fourth and final feature in the series I’m bringing you an emcee whose kick game is just as sick as his lyrical one. His name is Taajwar and his song on the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, titled “Kick Game Sick,” is no joke. A Crown Heights, Brooklyn, native who’s experience on the mic dates back well over a decade, and even includes recording at Chuck D’s home, Taajwar is just as serious about his music as he is his sneakers. In fact, it’s his love of hip-hop that keeps him rhyming, as he explains “once I started seeing it devolve I had to do something, cuz if we don’t steer the course of our own music its gonna change into something that we hate instead of something that we love and built.”
Taajwar has built something great with his music, and this week I caught up with him to find out more about what he’s done over the years, including the boost he received from his brother, how he’s looking to pay it forward, and the delivery he hopes to get from Nike Chairman Phil Knight.  For full article click the image or link HERE…


I had a chance to sit down with the homies in Grand Buffet waaaay back in 2006 when they had released the ‘Five Years of Fireworks’ compilation of their best works to date at that time.  I got this interview when they were ‘opening’ for Cage at a free show @ Central Connecticut State University…the sound system had caught on fire and it was a hilarious set up to get an interview in.  The zip comes with album art, the interview, and two of my favorite tracks from this hilarious ‘rap’ duo…To download, click the cover above or the link HERE…

Magnets…How the F*ck do they Work???  Hilarious Video Alert!!!

I just thought this video was tooo good to go to waste.  SAY WORD…

Ruff Mix Mondays…in the Zero Hour!!!

YOOOOO!!!  I have been hard at work today but couldn’t forget to post some nonsense, even if it is in the eleventh hour (quite literally).  Sooo, let get down to it shall we???  I got a few cool things happening this week as well as some promo for the homies…

I will be up in Boston on Wednesday and hoping to do and instore at my homie’s tattoo shop in the day, so stay tuned for that.  Friday marks the official first date of HOLLA!!! and Loud Pipes @ Karma with DJ Anubus & myself getting loose on two floors (upstairs for funky goodness and down for Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dance) with a late nite happy hour of $3 pints (in NYC??? Fo’ Reeeeel??? yes, fo’ reeel).  BTW check Anubus’ site if you haven’t done so click the flyer below or his name above…totally worth the time!!!

So that’s a big deal right???  Hope to see everyone of you out there on Friday cause I am on this promo mix craze and the first 25 heads in the basement get a free 45min promo mix by yours true, just for walking into a bar, FOR FREE…could life get any sweeter???

Now As you know, the fine peeps @ are good homies of mine and they are having an official release party for the “Bohemian Rap CD” @ Bowery Poetry Club this Thursday starting @ 10pm!!!  Here’s the skinny…

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bower, New York, NY 10012
Cost: $8
Solo sets from each Bohemian Rap CD crew member, PLUS a live performance of Bohemian Rap CD! Featuring Jake Lefco, Ryan-O’Neil, illspokinn, Kats and Domer.

It gonna be awesometown to the tenth power!!!

Now on to the Ruff Mix Portion of my usual Monday Post…So I made a a gang of beats this Sunday, starting right when I got home from DJing on Saturday…here are the three best.  Check them out and feel free to post a comment on how you like them, really…I don’t take critique to the heart.  I have tons of other stuff for that…taking to the heart I mean.

Bass! How Low Can You Go...

Banjo Bananas 2.1


So that About does it for this week’s Ruff Mix Mondays, now on Tuesday (dammmmit!!! I am ALWAYS LATE). Word!

Friday Treat!!!

Wassup Wassup!!!  Wassup, Wassup ,Wassuuuup…After starting my Thursday at the crack of dawnin’ (seriously 5am) to rock an event in Peekskill for the History of The Word (biggup to the homie Dyalekt for putting me on!!!) I have been in the lab damn near all day doing this, that and the other…So why not put up a post chock-a-block full of goodies for your weekend???  Sounds good right?  Riiiight…

I have updated both the Morning Show Archive & Six Feet Deep Archive sections with my two most recent shows from this past week which includes both a tribute to the late great Keith Elam (GURU) and an interview with the homie Yung Mars to talk about his new album ‘Santa Cruz or Bust’.

Lastly I here is an interview I got from CT’s own Apathy talking about his album ‘Eastern Philosophy’ back stage at his release party (hilariously story…I just kinda wandered into the green room before the show and was like, ‘hey I got a flash recorder, let’s do it this!’) back in 2006.  Click the image below or the link HERE to check it out!!!

Well that about does it for me.  Biggups to the sites that have picked up my 45 min Promo Mix for Kitchen Sink (Adam’s World Blog & Rapreviews) which you can grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE…Next week will be another banger so stay up!!!

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling…

Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick everyone knows a Burrow Owl lives in a hole in the ground…why the hell do you think they call it a Burrow Owl???!!!  So I hope all have peeped the Promo Mix I did for Good Life, response has been great thus far, but if you haven’t grabbed it cop it HERE

We have lost another souljah and one of NYC’s finest to spit, Guru (aka Keith Elam) has passed.  Tune into Six Feet Deep tonight 3-6am on WPKN89.5/88.7,, or iTunes Radio for a special Guru Dedication set chock full of Gang Starr, Jazzmatazz, and other great Guru moments…RIP GURU!!!!

This week’s Artist of the Week is a true underground head and legend in her own right…Helixx C. Armageddon!!!  I recall the first i heard of her was from a drop she did on the Total Eclipse mix back in 1998…and was a fan of the Anomalies ever since.  Thanks to the folks at Adam’s World Blog for letting me consistently jack content for my site…you rock more that baking soda and cocaine!!!

I’ll admit it, I was a little late jumping on the Helixx C. Armageddon bandwagon. Although I first caught a taste of her work on the 2001 Fat Beats compilation album, where she had the song “My Time,” it was her guest appearance on her brother Loj’s 2007 album, No Labels, on the song “365,” that gave her name, and her style, a permanent place in my head. Hip-hop is definitely a family thing when it comes to the siblings, as Helixx notes “I paved the way as the eldest, but he brought the fireworks when he began his journey.”
Getting her start at a young age, back in 1995 Helixx co-founded the Anomolies, an all-female hip-hop collective that also includes DJ Kuttin Kandi, Invincible, Pri the Honeydark and Big Tara. Since then she’s made her voice heard on a plethora of albums alongside everyone from the X-Ecutioners, to Dead Prez, and her independent single, “Blacklisted,” which featured Jise from the Arsonists, was dubbed the #1 hip-hop song for the summer of 1999 by Time Magazine.
Helixx’s latest single, “Kicks Talk For Me,” is off of the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, and with this month being the Season of Sole here at Adam’s Wold, I caught up with her to find out more about her love of kicks, the ways in which her relationship with hip-hop is a true relationship in every sense of the word, and the subject she feels she deserves a PhD in.

For Full Article check Adam’s World Blog

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

SUP!!!!  So another week has begun like WOE…and I have some treats (depending on how you look at it) for you todaaaay!!!  First thing is I have updated My Live dates section to reflect my finally naming my Friday Basement Party @ Karma to HOLLA!!! with the upstairs (Ft. DJ Anubus) being called Fresh Kicks.  It is a grand day for NYC…

Second is I have been freaking canoodling around with this beat all damn week and finally am good with the remix from where it was in the original…let me know your thought if you are so inclined, otherwise F you (harsh, but sadly it was the first thing that popped into my head there)!  Check the links below or click the pictures to check them out…ENJOY!!!

Workin’ On It Original

Workin’ On It Remix

And last but most certainly not least, I am soooo excited about this that I made I promo mix (Hype Machine…) for the date I will be doing in Boston @ Good Life…Peep game & recognize reeel, but seriously it’s not to shabby for a live mix done last night.  Click the flyer below or check the link HERE

Wednesday Clean up…Trash, Recycling, whatever

Hey Hey!!! So a few things, and maybe there will be an extra post today as well (lawd no!)…I have updated my Live shows page, Artist of the Week is up and I will be rocking tonight in Portland ME with the good people who do the weekly @ Big Easy…it’s gonna be ballistic!!! If you are in the area stop in and say “well hello sir nice to see you on this fine evening. I see you are playing a multi victrola unit…tiightsauce!”…peep the flyer for details

This week’s Artist of the Week (so thoughtfully provided by the fine folks @ Adam’s World Blog) is Proper…Proper Come OooooNNN down!!!  Peep game…

A lot of emcees feel the fact that they recorded their music gives them some sort of right to everyone’s time. Proper sees things a bit differently, saying “the process and challenge of proving I’m worth being heard is what I’m dead set and focused on.” Proper’s latest offering is the song “Mirror Mirror,” which is off of the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, and in a continuation of my Season of Sole series of Artists Of The Week, I sat down with him to find out more about his music, the step by step process he’s taking to reach his goals, and why he feels Nike needs to put him on speed dial.