Happy Turkey Day!!!

Whuttup, Whuttup, Whuttup!!!  Your humble narrator coming to you live for the Left Coast before I dip to the redwoods…I was gonna go on a long diatribe today about Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas, but I think that would be better served sometime later.  So instaed I am gonna use this post as a teaser for what is yet to come from Halodoesntsuck.com; “What Ever Happend to the SubGenius?”, Interview with Rheteric Ramirez, Full Thanksgiving V. Christmas, PODCASTS, and more!!!  So have a happy holiday and I’ll see you next week!!!

Hellz Yeah!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So another Monday around the Poderosa here at the illustrious Halodoesntsuck studios (or my dingy apt whatever) and I am getting psyched!!!  Tomorrow I fly out to the great left coast for some RR, Snowboarding and of course an away date check the flyer below if you are near Vallejo CA on Saturday the 28 it should be doooope!!!  Hope you can make it.  But for now here is another episode of Ruff Mix Mondays featuring another mix that would have just lazed about languishing in eternal limbo on my HD…Click the flyer or you can get it HERE











So this Week’s mix was another demo I did for a spot that I DJ’d at for about 5 times and was thinking I wanted to be good atmosphere music when all they really wanted was a top 40 juke box…very disappointing.  I’m looking at you CT!!!  So enjoy and have a Happy Turkey Day!!!  Whaaaa??? No Worries your humble narrator will be posting from Cali…

Peep Game!!! The Rising Sun Quest has a new album out!!!

Yeaahhh!!!  My homie The Rising Sun Quest (what’s with CT rappers and these long names, right?) has a new album out now and because I’m like super hip he gave me a track, One of a Kind, to post up here FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!  Yo Word???  Yes indeed word…just click on the album cover and BAM!!!  You down with the cool kids, uhhh no not those guys who rap and ride BMX bikes, although they are hip as well…

If you like what you hear, you can get the whole enchilada whopper of an album at his site risingsunquest.com…Ahhh before you say it, Yes WORD indeed.

Thirty Thursdays in the Zero Hour!!!!

Guess what???  I ain’t late for posting Thirty Thursday…well, yes you will be reading this inevitably on Friday, but just know that I was on time with the delivery of said parcel aka Top 30 Mix for 11.18.09.  UPS can’t even mess with the realness!!!  UUUUUHHHH!!!  So here’s this week’s episode and it freaking tiightsauce (like usual) there are alot of dope singles making noise right now so biggup to all those cats supplying me with new heaters every single day!!!  Pause for clapping to die down…OK, I couldn’t do what I do without you.  Baron Von Alias is my JAAAMMMM SON!!!!!

Whuttup Wednesday!!!

MC Battling…is it back???

YOOOOO!!! what is good??? ohh damn sorry bout the sniffly nose that’s a bummer…So I was at the Free Ice Cream show last week talking with the homie Sentence of the Metermaids about MC battling and how both of us have been impressed lately with you-tube clips and whatknot of recent battles speaking specifically of three MC’s in particular; Iron Solomon, Rheteric Ramirez and Chaz Kangas who have really caught our attention.  Now I’m not really here to do an expose on whether MC battling is really alive and well, but I just wanted to put it out there because before this time competition was tepid at best and not very impressive to the viewer who, by the way, is the real judge of a battle…So check these clips and make up your own mind, even post a comment if you like.  Maybe later on I will do a more in depth story, but for now I just wanted to post about something I thought was cool…

Iron Solomon vs. The Saurus (also quite nasty too)

Rheteric Ramirez vs. L Scatterbrain (also dope)

Chaz Kangas vs. Tommy Quigs

So these are three pretty ill battles I have found that made me think, “Hmm…maybe MC Battles don’t suck anymore, those guys are pretty funny”.  Biggup the to the homie Tony Trimm for putting me on to Rheteric…

Tuesday is Recyling Day & I Loooove Recycling!!!

Sup, Sup!!!  So the email blast is finished  after I had to write it out 3xs!!!  3!!! Not 1, not 2, but 3 times!!!  I dunno what the deal was with that, but it’s all over now baby blue…have you heard about the HUGE jellyfish in Japan???  End Days???  I think so…While you marinate on that check Adam B’s Artist of the Week







A couple months ago X-Plane sent me a video for his song “Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes.” I dug both the concept of the song and X-Plane’s flow. A few weeks later he sent me another video and I noticed an interesting common thread – they were both shot in what looked to be an unfinished house. He had a couple more videos that were also done in the same location and as the clips started piling up, so did my interest in X-Plane’s work. This week I caught up with X-Plane to find out more about his music, his secret video shooting location, and why if you need a MetroCard he’s the emcee you want to see (could a collab with Miz Metro be in his future?).   For the full article check Adams World Blog

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hiyoooo!!!  Hope you had a swell weekend, I know I did…moo whoo hahaha!!!  Excuse the maniacle laughter, but I can’t help it…I am intrinsically evil being left handed and all.  Aaaanywho here’s another one from the vaults for you…just click on the cover and enjoy!!!

Club Demo Cover

I made this CD about two years ago now after I got back from the Super Subverse Tour, and used it to shop around to spots to see if they would book me…it’s got all the hot joints from that time plus some dooope throwbacks.  Mama Said Knock You Out…Nuff Said.