Halodoesntsuck.com is online!!!

Welcome, Wilkomen, Buenos Dia, and all that…

This Site has been a looong time coming so bear with me while I construct and learn WordPress CSS in the process…It’s gonna be fun, I swear.  So I’ll be posting all the various fun events I’ll be spinning at, when I’m going be on the radio, some fun comment and links to my homies sites, reviews of new and old albums you need to hear along with, as complete as I can manage, a back catalog of past radio shows from WVOF & WPKN.  AAAAND…The unveiling of Subways & Sidewalks the PODCAST along with some other podcast goodness if I can manage the time.  It’s a pretty big undertaking but I think you’re up to it.  Please feel free to comment on anything that is cool or wack, say word?  Say Word!!!!